Why Tucson Acne Clinic

You suffer from acne and you desire clear skin.  Your initial thought is to locate a dermatologist who is on your insurance plan.  Very normal thinking.  Most dermatologists institute a plan similar to this:  prescribing oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics along with some type of peeling agent such as tretinoin or possibly having the patient use benzoyl peroxide.  If you have been this route with little success you are not alone.  In extreme cases your dermatologist might recommend one to two cycles of isotretinoin (Accutane).  When all of these methods do not produce clear skin, the acne sufferer gives up in frustration. 

Tucson Acne Clinic offers other solutions and clear skin.  A key component to a successful acne program is frequent visits where the client receives support so that they comply.  It takes an acne lesion 3 months to form and therefore, it takes approximately 3 months to obtain clear skin.  Seeing your dermatologist this often usually does not occur.

You can expect to be seen every 2 weeks for the first 3 months.  You will receive:

 •Education on exactly what acne is and things that aggravate it such as diet, pore clogging ingredients and medications.

 •The appropriate products for your skin type as well as the type of acne you have.

 •A strict regimen for you to follow along with documentation on what is expected of you.  This regimen is adjusted as your skin changes during the clearing process.

 •Extractions during your visits to clear the pores of debris.

 •Treatments during your visits that are appropriate for the condition your skin is in upon arrival.  If you are severely dehydrated from your home care, your skin will be rehydrated.  

Tucson Acne Clinic has successfully treated many acne sufferers who have tried everything.  Call us today and allow us to provide clear skin.